Miracle Offering

Miracle Offering! Wanaka New Life Church

Having presented an estimate of the costs to the church of around $250,000 we took up our first ever building miracle offering on the 2nd of March 2014.

Just prior to the offering we received an anonymous offer to match our giving total dollar for dollar up to $150,000! Everyone gave what they felt was right for them and once the offering was counted and added to our $30,000 building account we had raised over $152,000 – amazingly matching the dollar for dollar amount which meant we now had $300,000 towards the whole project.

God had said He would provision what he purposed to do.

It’s not over yet as we are just in the final stages of the resource consent process, and then there is the actual work to do. However there is much excitement about finally having a place of worship and a place to invite the community to experience God’s love, through the many things God is calling us to offer.God’s timing has been perfect and His abundant blessing to us is very humbling, praise the Lord.

Pastor Wayne